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The channel for Winx Club vs Avatar: The Last Airbender Wiki on the freenode network is #winx-avatar. You can find help from an administrator here or you can just chat with other Winx-Avatar Wikians from our diverse community.

Rules Edit

  • No personal attacks, insults or other forms of harassment. Any form of behavior that others on the channel find offensive or hurtful is discouraged. Common sense is emphasized.
  • Operator abilities may not be given out on a temporary basis, and requests to this end are not permitted. Operator abilities on the channel, which include the ability to remove a user from the channel and ban them from returning, are generally only given to administrators.

That's it! There are no other restrictions, including on topics of discussion or on the right of users to keep and post logs and transcripts of what has been said on the channel. Users may talk about any subject in any way they wish if no user participating on the channel at the time indicates, with justifiable reasoning, that they are uncomfortable with the subject or the language being utilized.

If a user is found to consistently disregard channel rules, the user will be warned on the channel, and continued unacceptable behavior will result in the user being kicked or temporarily banned from the channel.

When a user is blocked on Winx-Avatar Wiki that automatically means a block on IRC for the same duration of the wiki block.